how backlink kills your website
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How Backlink Kills Your Website?

Backlinking is the most common term in SEO. Backlinks help you to get exclusive attention to your website by a search engine. But many of us have a common misconception that the more we get backlinks, the more we could have chanced to get rank in google’s 1st position in a short time. If you are thinking this too, you are a little bit right. But don’t be happy. Because after reading this blog, you can learn the mystery of backlinking. And maybe you will be a little bit upset about your misconception. and also learn about how backlink kills your website. 

Before we get started, let’s start with a simple question. What is a high-quality backlink? In this blog, somewhere, I will disclose the matter of a high quality backlink.

Top 10 Types Of Backlink That You Should Need To Know

There are too many types of backlink exist in the internet world. But today, we will make a list of 10 types of backlink strategies that an ideal SEO likes to use.

  1. Guest Post submission
  2. Forum Backlink
  3. Comments Backlink
  4. Press Release Backlink 
  5. Backlinks from webinars
  6. Profile Backlink 
  7. EDU backlink
  8. Editorial backlinks
  9. Acknowledgment backlinks
  10. Paid Links

These are the leading 10 types of backlinks that an SEO is like to do while SEO for a website. If you are familiar with these 10 types of backlinks, then let’s start.

How do Backlinks work for Google?

Backlinks are the agent of google crawling BOT. They pass the signal to the google spider to your website. They help google bot for finding your website most conveniently.

Let’s think you have a website that talks about SEO and Digital marketing. And your website is linked to the other websites that also talk about SEO and digital marketing niche. Now, when will the google bot come to those sites to crawl backlinks will pass a signal, and talk google bot, there is also a website that also talks about SEO and Digital marketing. Then the bot will go to your website and start crawling your website too. This a simple math.    

Is Backlinking Still Important?

Probably the answer is yes. But when you are thinking about ranking your website only with backlinking, then the answer is it depends. Because the backlink is not only a single factor to rank your website. Besides, there are so many other terms that you also have to implement while doing SEO. 

How many backlinks do I need to rank?

It depends on your competitor’s website. If they rank for 20 to 30 backlinks, you have to do 50 to 60 backlinks to compete with them. But most of the time, it doesn’t work very well. Then you have to do 2x your backlinks. For example, your competitor ranks for 20 backlinks, now you have created 40 backlinks. But still, your competitor is in google’s 1st. What will you do? Do more 2x backlinks like 40×2=80 backlinks. If it also failed, try more than 2x. Now the number of the backlinks will be 160.

How backlink kills your website?

The number of backlinks doesn’t help you to get your SEO goal. It depends on how qualified your backlinks are. Relevancy is the most important term for high quality backlinks. The term anchor text is another important of creating a qualified backlink. Sometimes you will hire SEO freelancers; they are offering you to create 500 high DA backlinks. And the convenience you by saying they will increase your DA 1 to 80 in one day. Please don’t go with them. This offer might be sound good to a website owner, but it is spam! Because they will do bulk backlinking from many websites a day. Most of the websites will be irrelevant to your niche. The backlink which comes from those websites doesn’t create any value to you. But google spider will crawl with the wrong concept. For example, your SEO and Digital marketing niche site get backlinks from Tesla Company. Does it create any value for you? But crawler bot will think your niche is the electric vehicles-related topic. This is the start of the problem. When a Google bot comes from an appropriate website relevant to your niche, the bot will get confused about your website. The bot is artificial intelligence; it couldn’t finger out your niche automatically without a proper signal. And in the end, the bot will stop ranking you. If you are too much unlucky for the website might be flagged by Google for spamming. So stop using unnecessary linking to your website. Use quality backlinks rather than bulk backlinking.

What Is A High Quality Backlink?

A high quality backlink is a relevant backlink rather than a high DA backlink. High DA doesn’t mean a high quality backlink. It depends on the site that you are using for backlinking to your site. Suppose that site is relevant and talks about a similar niche, Which you are also writing on your site; This means it is a high quality backlink. Here anchor test is also essential. The percentage of using anchor text will give you good site health to google.

In conclusion, What do you think about backlinks? Please share with me. If you like my blogs, please don’t forget to mail me. A simple thank you is so much inspiration to me.

I am Moshiour Rahaman Shizan, and I Have more than 5 years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing sector. I am the best digital marketing expert in Bangladesh.

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I am Moshiour Rahaman Shizan, and I Have more than 5 years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing sector. I am the best digital marketing consultant in Bangladesh.


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